The Bliss of My Spiritual Awakening

Yes, I am changing... so are you! Yes, my choices & preferences are changing!
What disconcerted me yesterday brings peace to me today...! What was impossible yesterday has solved its mystery today!
That’s how Mother Nature is… absolutely mysterious! And in this mystery one can find the real charm to live!
“Nothing ever remains the same”, this is the law of the Cosmos! When one accepts themselves for who they are in the present moment, along with all of their constant changes - mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and financial; that being enters a state of pure acceptance. All the fogginess is removed in this state of acceptance, and then one freely enters in the state of “self realisation” or “self love”!
In this state of “self love”, one acquires the wisdom to accept all that exists in “now”. It is this attention over the present moment that directs the course of one’s evolution in a miraculous way!
I wish to share my composition that reflects my experience of “self realisation”...

Life Lessons by Aquaman

I absolutely adore super heroes and their flicks! This post reflects my admiration as well as the significant life lessons learned by the super awesome AQUAMAN. :)

It is not just a movie but a classic display of grit & grace of the heroism that is not only exhibited by the pivotal character (Arthur) but also by those who help Him realise His true powers and become a Hero!

It is nothing but pure Love that anchors the disposition of the main characters, i.e. Aquaman, his parents, his love interest, and his master! 
I personally admired Jason Momoa for his dramatically intense & macho looks, especially in the moments where he felt his heart touched by Amber Heard’s “ Gossh this girl is awesome” attitude!
Apart from heart warming emotions, humorous punches, thought provoking dialogues, geeky action, popcorn moments of cute romance, and sizzling aquatic cinematography, the flick gives the patrons few beautiful take aways...
1. Whoever you are, wherever you belong to, your existence is b…

My Journey of Self Realisation and Life Transformational Inner Engineering by Shree Sadhguru

In this post, I am glad to share my journey of self realisation, and my perspective of the life transformational ancient practices of Inner Engineering.
This is my 18th year of Spiritual awakening…! I had always been attracted to the mystical powers of the universe and the metaphysical elements after a big life transforming incident when I was 10. I was fortunate to be gifted second life on Earth! :)
Ever since my consciousness wandered to see the realms of truth, light, wisdom and enlightenment, my curiosity led me to a wonder trip to Goa where I experienced the beauty of my own self! It was 18 years ago that I was touched by the light of my spirit. It was the first time that I stayed away from my family for a stretch of ten long days! This vacation with my school friends was absolutely fun-loving, but there was something beyond fun!
It was the identification of myself more than who I think I was… identification of myself more than my relationships, more than my culture, more than my so…

Align to Your True Self with SAVERS

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful dove… flying high… soaring across the gentle breeze of the sky! Though he loved his flying gig but unlike others in his community, he used to get tired soon! No, he wasn’t old but an indolent creature! He desired for a life of leisure and fun, where he wouldn’t have to hunt for food every day, and could be fed by someone!

One day he sighted a pig farm! His curiosity pulled him closer… as he flew down and perched on a nearby fence to enjoy the view, his eyes spotted a cute little pig resting in the bright sunshine!

And it was that very moment when his heart started blooming with the fragrance of love! “Oh! I am melting with the joy of ecstasy!”, he blushed! “Yay! I guess I’ve found the love of my life!”, he whispered in sheer excitement!
He instantly decided to stay with the pig! All this while the thoughts of his old, boring, exhaustive life faded away. He approached the pig and confessed his love! The pig surprisingly accepted his proposal and the…

Alexander Technique – A Memorable Workshop with Steven Hallmark

As an ardent believer of natural healing modalities, I leave no opportunity to gain new wisdom!

May 5th, 2018 had been an unusual day!
I attended a special workshop arranged by my Toastmasters club. The guest of honour was Steven Hallmark who shared the virtues of a marvellous healing method called the “Alexander Technique”.
(PS: Steven Hallmark has been an efficient Alexander Technique teacher since 1983.)
In this post, I share about the session that unfolded to be immensely enlightening! Moreover, I am deeply touched by the awe-inspiring story of the founder of Alexander Technique! Kudos to the noble soul whose humble invention is spreading smiles on the faces of many in severe need of healing!

Steven began by sharing his story...
“There was a time when I had a bad back in my childhood. I went to Osteopath for cure. He told me if he could not fix me in four sessions, my problem could never be cured!
I was worried about myself! Sometime later, I learnt that back pain is a general state of a…