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Saturday, November 08, 2014

True Friendship Is A Miracle...

This composition is dedicated to "True Friendship" and my besties... :)
True Friends :)
It isn’t any antique piece or a worldly treasure,
It isn’t something one can measure...
It doesn’t hold any cost,
           No body wants it to be lost...

It isn’t any piece of art,
Once it's there,
It remains as our lives’ part...

           A feeling so pure, A feeling so divine,
           A union that is simply one of it's kind,
It is something that is hard to find...

No plans, no ideas, it is never fixed,
Understanding is all what makes it click,
And with just one stroke, it becomes a hit...

    Such is the beauty of "Friendship" that is pure, deep and true,
It is a "Miracle" wrapped up in faith, love & care,
    It is a blessing that "True Friends" share...

Sometimes there may be fun, sometimes there may be fear,
I wish my true friends always stay near...
      A wish that I always dream of,
A prayer that I always say,
You may be near, 
You may be away,
I know God will always put us together...
"Friends-Forever" we'll always stay...! :)
Feel Blessed If You Have A True Friend
Close your eyes and feel blessed in gratitude if God has gifted you with at least 1 true friend in life. Cheers... :)


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