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Saturday, November 08, 2014

My Love Says You Will Be Loving Me Again!

This composition is "special and magical! Inspired by an article, I created it way back in 2009 when I had an argument with my boyfriend. But, in a short time span, all confusions were cleared and we were "Together" again. :)

Dreams dreamt their life away,
The sun never woke them up…
The nights were too long,
Still, this journey continues to be a painful song…
Then , why is the time confusing me again…?

I only played a love game;
Consequence- my heart keeps on tolerating
the undesirable defame…
why no questions were being asked…
I know, I won & you lost;
Then, why is the vanquished defeating me again…?

If you are the god of small things…
& me, the wind that swings…
Stories of the past, of the frozen domain;
Have become unforgettable memoirs…
My pages are burnt, smoked in the air…
Now the ashes just remain;
Then who is mysteriously,
Reading me again…?

Lost in the darkness of everlasting pain,
Counting the number of tears,
making an invaluable gain….
If white is where black ends…
Till your love for me becomes intense;
Then the history is, I guess…
Repeating me again…!

Signs of life are intriguing death,
Secrets of my heart are waiting to be read…
A truth- “I still see your way!”
My eyes cry… please don’t be away…!
Your silence is definitely
killing me again…!

My intuition is my strength,
It is not roped…
A space in my heart,
is still occupied by a hope…
I am aware, there is a clear sky after a rainy day…
Nature will surely dawn a brand new day;
Flowers again bloom up after a famine…
I will again experience a bright sun shine;
I know my dear- “ you will be mine…!”
My Love says, “ YOU WILL BE LOVING ME AGAIN…!!!”


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* This poetic work of art is purely based on the author’s feelings and perception.