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Forbidden Emotions Arising Repulsively - Rise Above Them!

FEAR – I define it as 
"Forbidden Emotions Arising Repulsively"
~Jyotika Rajput Mehra

Folks, this is my true story - story of my FEARand my VICTORY over it! I am sure my story will make you believe in yourself and #RiseAboveFear!

Almost 20 years ago…little pair of my eyes witnessed a strange Saturday… “Get ready baby! I have called all your friends at home. Play with them as much as you can! Also, I have made your favourite “Aloo paranthas”. You guys should have crazy fun today… It might take quite long to have this chance again! Your dad will be here around 6 pm and we will leave…!” said my mom. 
I saw the clock, it was around 12 noon. “The Day had arrived!” I mused! I was suffering, I was not well… “How did it happen? Why did it happen to me?” Pendulum of such thoughts again started oscillating! And suddenly, the doorbell rang… 

There came my lovely buddies and I warmly welcomed all. …

The Charm of Rustic Stubble!

It is said, “Our face is the reflection of our persona!” Well, to charm a girl, indeed it is! So, for those alluring looks, not necessary that a guy has to be clean shaven; sometimes a simple bearded look creates the magic!

My mind drives me back to the College days – a wonderful phase in each one’s life!
2007, 2nd year... By this time, we were a big bunch of people - a gang of hot chicks and cool dudes, doing all the frolicking fun and grabbing the lime light! We called ourselves – the “Scorchers”!
Being hot meant cheekily dressing up and oozing that oomph factor. Being cool was sporting an appealing hairdo and a chocolicious clean shaven look! Those were the days- days of fun, thrill, adventure and flirting...
It was January, and the annual fest was approaching in a month, i.e. Feb. We Scorchers were ready to participate in almost all the events - fashion show, dance, skit, mimicry, etc. but our hearts were captivated to grab only the “Fashion Show Trophy”!
Therefore, we decided to hire …