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My Story of “And”…Where I Transcended My Own Horizons!

She is the culmination of Courage & Compassion… She is the pillar of Power & Purity… She is the blend of Beauty & Brains… She signifies Strength & Simplicity… She exemplifies the Goddess who is the creator of this World! She is the "Woman of Substance"… and the World glorifies her Grace & Guts…!
 ~ Jyotika Rajput Mehra Poetic Quotes

History is evident that one label cannot encapsulate woman’s potential. Indeed, be it me or any woman on this planet, our true potential transcends the horizons of limitations to achieve the impossible. My heart is overwhelmed with the sense of gratitude towards the Almighty who created me as a Woman! Yes, I am the “Woman of Today” – Independent, Confident and Courageous! I am Jyotika Rajput Mehra...

Let’s hear that sound of rewind… 
My story of “and” began when I tied knot with my soul mate foraying into the world of more responsibilities and labels. In no time, two new dimensions – “Wife” and “Daughter-in-law” found a place on my sla…

Stop the Inequality - Begin the Revolution Right From Your Home!

When it comes to stopping the inequality, the revolution has to begin right from our home.
Indian women have been the victim of this prejudice from even before the independence. The male dominated society has always shunned women from stepping out of home, earning money, enjoying, etc. Thank God, its 21st century and times have changed…! The weak voice now exudes strength and confidence kicking out fear. Women have raised the curtains and stepped out of the locked doors to showcase their talent to the world.
However, stains of the male dominated society’s ink are still not completely washed. The irony is that though today’s women walk along with men hand-in-hand assuming no task to be small but never did they encounter the same gesture in return. I strongly condemn such an unfair deal. 
For instance, running a home is actually a shared responsibility of all those who are staying there under one roof – working, non-working, children, adolescents, oldies. It is has to be a collective effor…