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#1000Speak Compassion- Pay a Tribute to Life, Today!

“Compassion” is the prime element that distinguishes today’s human being from being human. A heart full of compassion always blooms love for the world! What is essentially required is “Valuing Life”.
Life on Earth – a sacred gift of God which is our physical existence… can just vanish in a fraction of second, leaving behind our loved ones and our memories. A single thought of visualising such a time where our people are left behind without us triggers a spine-chilling feel. 

Death- a non-resisting truth, converts our presence into a gloomy vacuum. The irony is that we value death over life…! Yes, we all seriously do- the time when death commands us to be with it, we just obey it without a hitch! Why can’t we give such an honour to life- to our life, to our loved ones’ life, to every living being? Pay a tribute to life, today… discard meaningless relationships, don’t waste a moment in quarrels, don’t carry regrets, stay guilt-free, be true to yourself, just spread love…! 

Don’t delay anyt…