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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Celebrating Togetherness...

In ups.. In downs..In smiles.. In frowns..
Your love has always embraced me...
In melancholy of pains..In storms.. In rains..
Your love has always cured me...

In bitterness of time..When there was no sun shine..
Your love has always strengthened me...
You are the reason that I am alive...
Your love is the reason that I survive...

You have made my life’s journey an ethereal retreat...
Kapil you are reason that my heart beats...
~ Jyotika Rajput Mehra Poetry

Togetherness is not just a feeling but a bond… it is not just being physically present with someone but a connection between hearts that goes beyond space and time…!

This is our story of togetherness…

All began from the time when we were pursuing our Master’s programme. I don't know, there was something about him that made every girl go head over heels!

He had been mischievous yet humorous, funny yet wise, senseless yet intelligent- all such traits added to his fanatic fan following! Indeed, Kapil also loved the companionship of those who were like him- Crazy! And… Bang on… “Jab We Met”, the fun just got double!

 We participated in dance, fashion shows, and many more activities. Amongst all the teasing and stupid arguments, lied the frolicking fun. Soon, we realised that we had starting enjoying our connection.

Apparently, colleagues, then friends, and gradually lovers... we didn't notice when the trajectory of time brought us together and the love cupid struck our hearts!

Captivated by Kapil's unusual charm, I always desired to spend most of the time with him. This was the beginning of our daily love tryst. Each time while returning home, I wished if I could just stop the time and be with my sweetheart always.

We had the best of our dating times and all the fun that one can imagine! The most exciting part was our Salsa classes. As the world knows, the charisma of Salsa is all about its intimate moves that embraces a couple… no wonder our love blossomed as Salsa spread its magic!

This frivolous journey continued for some time but then soon my joy saw a drowning phase when Kapil had to go to Bangalore for work. Our last date, before he left Delhi, was quite an emotional one- we literally couldn’t stop our tears- we were tensed wondering that how long would it take to face such solitude! And actually thereafter, days just became lifeless! Though, we always encouraged each other, we knew this phase was crucial for the sake of building our careers, but... we badly missed each other!

I too started looking for a job in Bangalore. It took me seven long months to do so… It was a difficult time for both of us- in fact a time when we realised how much we love each other and just cannot stay without being together! 

Finally, after a hoopla of melodrama (that is expected in case of most of the love marriages in India), in May 2010, we decided to tie a knot, build a home and be each other’s forever!

Me and My Love :)
People say... it’s great to be in love with someone… but, you are absolutely lucky if that “someone” loves you back…!

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