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Top 5 Reasons to Buy the Latest HP Laptops

Beginning 2015, the Indian Laptop Market saw launch of some new variants of HP machines, such as HP Envy x360, HP Spectre x360 Notebook, HP Pavilion 15 (for music enthusiasts) and HP Omen (for gaming enthusiasts).
Though each series portray different USP's; here are some reasons you should opt for these awesome HP gadgets:

#1. High-End Performance

Equipped with latest technology and efficient configuration, HP provides its users with a class apart multi-tasking experience. Keep up your most challenging tasks with the powerful 5G Intel Core processor.

#2. Impressive Battery Life with Light Weight
With much enhanced battery life, thinner build and lighter weight, the latest machines will just amaze you. Now just travel lighter and keep your work going on and on!
#3. Crystal Clear Full HD
Razor-sharp picture quality of full HD from almost any angle reflects real time vision. Get ready to blow off your mind with the vividly crisp display clarity! (Available in touch screen or no touch screen…

Balance Your Crash Diet with Honey...

When the aroma flows deep inside your senses and leaves you spell bound... When the look magnetises your eyes with delight... When the taste makes you feel elated and go merry-round... When the nutrition satiates your body triggering the zest in your life… Then you know that the “Food” is absolutely right…
~Jyotika Rajput Mehra Poetic Composition
“Food” - one thing that makes the world go crazy… has a wonderful impact when eaten right! Or else you just go hay-wired hopping from ailment to another!
THE ART OF EATING RIGHT… The age-old mantra, “Eat to Live and not Live to Eat” is essentially the key factor that aligns you in the direct stack of “Eating Right”! Weirdly, people in today’s world follow the reverse gear, thus inviting all the ailments – physical, mental, emotional…
Well one ought to focus upon the prime element – “Food” that makes life go on, in absolute terms. The much clichéd term “balanced diet” ind…

Shine with Richa Sharma's Image Management...

Be it the morning breakfast or time to dine, Never leave a chance to shine,

Dress up, step out, learn and explore, The world has an array of exciting stuff in store,

Express, communicate, make a connect, Let your confidence create a ripple effect,

Fathom your appearance to be an essential key, Through which you can lead and live your fantasy,

 Exude your charm with style and smile, Your image is all what makes your presence worthwhile!
~Jyotika Rajput Mehra Poetry Today, with this post I am highly pleased to share the concept of Image Management with you all. :)

 I am so grateful to the HR team of my company who had organised an exclusive workshop for the women professionals on the occasion of International Women's Day 2015. Though its quite a delayed post but its surely worth sharing!
Also, the scope of Image Management embraces the make over for men too.
Richa Sharma, who was the prime presenter, is the principal consultant and trainer at PurpleFactor. She is a certified image consultant tr…