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Saturday, September 26, 2015

I am the Breath... I Live Forever!

The weirdness of life sometimes signals our senses to hit the interlude button to get into the "self-introspection" mode. It is essential to perform this process again and again in order to cleanse the thought-process to nourish the mind and heart.

It's been almost two weeks being away from my people, my country and those whom I love the most and am missing so much... Truly saying, it is not easy, specially for someone for whom it's the first time! It is said that destiny makes you go destinations, and so am I trying to figure out the trajectory that God has set in this far away land.

The fact is...
The true color of life is neither black nor white… At times its dark, at times its light… Sometimes its happiness, sometimes its dismay… Life reflects its true colors in shades of gray… ~Jyotika Rajput Mehra Quotes 
In quest of managing life's mysteries and dealing with the "uneasy" times, I feel the need to strengthen up myself, boost up the fading courage and enlighten my intellect to face whatever comes up next! And in this process I realize that the real strength can only be gained through powerful positive thoughts about the self!  

Through this post, I wish to share the core truth, the crux of life that I have come to know over the years through many spiritual gurus. All direct to one great process - "Know Your Self"! 

A renowned saint says, Knowing the true self elevates one from all the miseries and open the doors to peace and divinity!

Though its been good years being familiar with the reality of life... Here's a result of my re-self-introspection... an alignment of my thoughts about self-realization, a composition about "Who Am I"... 
Who Am I : Image Courtesy
I am not the hand,
I am not the feet,
I am not the voice that speaks,
I am the breath - freely flowing, liberated, eternal, ethereal, divine...
I live forever!

I am not the eyes,
I am not the face,
I am not something one can chase,
I am the breath - freely flowing, liberated, eternal, ethereal, divine...
I live forever!

I am not the touch,
I am not the feel,
I am not an emotional deal,
I am just the breath - freely flowing, liberated, eternal, ethereal, divine...
I live forever!

I am not the name,
I am not the heartbeats,
I am not something that can be bought over streets,
I am just the breath - freely flowing, liberated, eternal, ethereal, divine...
I live forever!

I am not the body,
I am not the picture,
I am a game of law of mystery,
I amaze the world about my history,
I have traversed zillions of galaxies,
I have seen many worlds,
I have been through many storms,
I keep changing my physical forms,
I am the consciousness of the highest level...
I live forever!

I am your breath, your spirit, your beautiful soul,
that freely flows in the cage of your body,
Ironically, over me you have no hold,
Because I am eternal, ethereal and divine,
I am the one that makes you glow and shine,
I am the one that gives you the gift called Life,
I am made up of only one element called "Love"...
And so... I am pure, peaceful and beautiful…
I live forever!


* Author of this post reserves rights for the content source being original work of art. Please do not copy without permission. ©Jyotika Rajput Mehra

* This poetic work of art is purely based on the author’s emotions, feelings and perception.