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Doctor Strange Offers 8 Life Lessons For A Great New Year Start

Another master piece from Marvel Comics, Doctor Strange is a perfect superhero fiction that keeps the potential to deliver the message – “reinforce your powers with faith in self.”
The admirers of the movie would definitely agree that Doctor Strange is not just a depiction of superpowers in motion but a galaxy of lucid emotions, wonderful star cast, award winning visual effects and most significantly the awe-inspiring life lessons that I am highly pleased to share in this post. I am a fan of Marvel Studios but this is the first time ever that reflection of my thoughts has been so prolific ever since I watched this flick!
Grab these marvellous life lessons as I map the real world principles with the brilliant reel work of Scott Derrickson (the director) and Benedict Cumberbatch (the pivotal character as Dr. Stephen Strange).
#1. Do Not Lose Focus Of The Present Moment
A single second of defocused attention in the midst of a demanding action can demand heaps of ugly and undesirable moments …

My First Rendezvous With Snowfall

As a raining sensation you always seem to be awe-inspiring and magical! Least did I know, as Ice you’d be ecstatically blissful, caressing my delight with the drops of your frozen pearls! 
This small composition is a special expression from my heart that made my senses groove joyfully while my very first intimate tryst with snowfall… :)

The sheen of your softness... The gleam of your colour... The tenderness of your appearance… The dazzle of your glamour… Ushers me to be lost in the calmness of your wilderness!

As water to the thirsty… Twilight to the lovers… Music to the ears… Sunshine to the sunflowers… You embraced my spirit and stimulated my soul… You blessed me with an unforgettable memoir…

You gifted me a dream with your enchanted aura... You captivated me with your milky effervescence that's radiant beyond all...
I’ll dearly ever remember our first rendezvous…

Lessons Learned Through My Journey at Toastmasters

It was a usual evening. I was enjoying my power break at work while sipping coffee and gazing the fresh spring blossoms at the street below. 
The sudden silence got interrupted by two co-workers in a jiffy. I observed them carrying few pamphlets, out of which they pinned two over the notice board in the cafeteria. As they left, I went closer out of the obvious curiosity and what I read brought an empowering change in my life!
It was the first time that I had come across Toastmasters International (TI) in April’2014.
[PS: With its presence across the globe, Toastmasters International is a non-profit educational organisation founded in 1924 for the purpose of promoting efficient communication and leadership skills. It doesn't matter if you are already a scholar of the wonder skills or still pacing up, TI effectively hones your aptitude.]
There was a time in life when my excitement of organising and hosting events (apart from participating) always used to hit cloud nine. It was back then…

The Cancer of 5 Cs

Fearing the failure, 
they master the trick to command… Overlooking the authenticity, 
they run their own comparison metric … In the sake of perfection,
they are never content and  always keep a reason to complain… In the name of relationship,
they put others in the compulsion drain… Weirdly they do not focus, do not listen and confuse;  still they claim to know the art to comprehend… Unconcerned and seemingly unempathetic;  deriving their own conclusion is their trademarked trend…
~Jyotika Rajput Mehra Poetry
Ever wondered what paralyses the health of a relationship! Let me shed some light in here! 
Just as Cancer creates painful tumours in the physical body, some brittle patterns of human behaviour when exhibited in consistency possess enough potential to create heart stabbing inflammations in the psyche.
Be it a personal camaraderie or a professional association, it is imperative to abandon the impact of these mind corrupting traits. If controlled at initial stages, bond with self as well as oth…