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Brand Values - 6 Interesting Case Studies and Videos!

So what is it that makes a brand???  Name? Logo? People? 
Well, at the core a brand is all about its values... isn't it? And what all makes up the brand values? Check it out... :)
This post is about 6 extensive and interesting case studies on popular global brands and their values.  [PS: Though a bit late but I feel the need to highlight this thought provoking report by KV Sridhar aka Pops (First Chief Creative Officer, SapientNitro, India). This session formed one significant part of the Word Up 2015 event presented by indiBlogger (in association with BigRock and .Me) in Delhi. ]


#1. Telling a Story is an Art
“Telling a story” is indeed an art, and if you know how to tell stories to the world via your brand, you can trigger an urge in them to use the product.
#2. Two Spaces Build a Brand's Image
Emotional Space – How people feel about their connection with the brand or the product. Physical Space – People attract and influence other people because of the behaviour they …

Top 5 Reasons Why Should You Acknowledge?

A small break, and here I am back again! :) I wish to share a real world tale to make you gain a significant insight upon an important but quite over-looked element in our lives! 
There was a small scale businessman. He had a sweet little family – a loving wife and two adorable kids. His family and friends used to love him but strangely he was never able to show his love to them. Even on the special occasions like festivals, birthdays or his anniversary, he used to spend the day as normally with no excitement and zeal. When his children used to show him their excellent grades, he used to casually congratulate them, showing no interest!
He often used to avoid going to social functions and did not even celebrate any at his home. He was idiosyncratic! He liked to dominate actually! Ironically, he never knew the art of communication. He was commanding and his family agreed to almost whatever he used to say! 

When it was his desire to go for an outing, only then he used to take his family alo…