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5 Sensual Ideas for Love Birds – Happy Valentine’s Day 2016

With Valentine’s looping around, I feel like optimally sharing what’s just right for the occasion! Nope, I don’t wish to re-iterate the same old prose of gifting chocolates, flowers and candlelight dinner. They are indeed complementary! The intent of my post is to...
Let “you and your partner in crime” spice up the game of sweet sin... Let the insanity rush through your blood, breath and skin... Start your game with the 5 sensual steps of falling in love again. Welcome each other on-board to these 5 love zones possessing full Monty for Romance!
[PS: Before entering these love zones, it’ll be great if you decide in advance who shall make the first move! No worries, it can be impromptu as well.]
#1. Reveal the Magic of Your Fingers | Enter the Body-Massage Zone!

From years, the aromatic aphrodisiac foods and flowers are being used in the essential oils for massage. Be it the romantic floral notes of Rose, tangy hints of Neroli, fragrant hues of Sandalwood, woody scents of Ylang Ylang or orien…

A Tribute to the Cancer Survivors and 5 Best Healing Mechanisms

A composition especially dedicated to all the courageous Cancer Survivors world-wide... Hats Off to You Oh Brave Souls... You are Special... :)

Slowly and gradually you might have noticed the change… A sense of creepiness might have permeated your skin… Being fragile, raddled and bleak… it might have felt estranged… But remember oh dear, never ever lose hope, you have to win… I know its personal, but it’s not about you… The unrelentless love of your loved ones is always there to make you mightier… Never ever feel blue!
The blatant pain might have several times knocked you down… Your tongue might have tasted the bitterness in heaps… The Chemo might have made your soul drown… But remember oh warrior, you possess the courage that never leaps… I know its personal, but it’s not about you… The spark of your spirit makes you radiate as an inspirer for millions… May be you never knew!
The cruelty of stark times might have wrenched your confidence… Your eyes might have witnessed some stern attitudes… This ch…