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Easter and Holi - Embracing the Colour of Life...

The colours of Easterfascinate and bewitch... Embarking a kindred effect as of Holi... I feel overwhelmed with the profound muse... The two beautiful festivals propagate belongingness -
"East-in-Easter and Holiness-in-Holi"!

Harbinger of love, hope, truth and faith... Both denote renewal, new life, fortune and zest... I feel enlightened by the captivating essence of belief... Be it the east or the west, both define happiness at its best!

Jelly Beans, Chocolate Bunnies, Marshmallow Chicks and Hot Cross Buns... Thandai, Ghujiya, Bhaang and Jalebi... I feel drenched in the aromatic pleasure of the alluring dishes... The fun of celebrating week long occasions together brings a reason to fill the heart with glee!

5 Positive Traits to Learn from Sunny Leone

When I say, “Sunny Leone”, anybody querying would certainly be an alien. Today’s post is an acknowledgement of Honesty and Humbleness reflected from the quite controversial interview of Karenjit Kaur Vohra, popularly known as Sunny Leone world-wide!

If you think I belong to the porn fandom, I score you zero! But this diva gets a score of 100 for showcasing her integrity of character. Sunny’s candidness has awe-inspiringly bowled me over! I wish to share the highlights and 5 positive traits from “Sunny as a person”.
#1 Keep Going and Live with No Regrets
Bhupendra Chaubey, the host, volleyed the very first question over the most googled personality in India, “Tell me one thing that you regret! One thing which went wrong for you! What would that be?
Ms. Leone calmly told that she has no regrets professionally. Though at personal level, there was just one instance that went wrong when she could not reach home fast enough on time while her mother passed away! She accepts that she made mista…