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Criticism, Types of Critics and the Empowering Wonder Traits...

It may be bitter and as cold as ice... When criticism poured over you is huge enough, Calmly know the reasons and stay wise... The hearts that care will criticise only to make you rise...

But the vindictive minds will get you into their web of words, 
to showcase their envy, when you fly high... Some weird mouths will question your authenticity, 
wishing you become their mirror image... Some dominating rulers will flak you,
just to show their authoritative ways... Some will prove their mindlessness and disapprove you
 by just being under the world’s influence... Some strange creatures will throw objection 
because they are wearing a habitual lens...

It should not matter to you what the world say, Do not swallow their excessive nays... Follow your heart; keep doing what you truly believe... Forgive, accept, love yourself; and know...
“No dream is impossible to achieve!”
~Jyotika Rajput Mehra Poetry

A Tribute to Mothers - Happy Mother's Day 2016 :)

MOTHER – Words become scarce to define what embodies this extra-ordinary entity! Still I have made an attempt to remark the exquisite splendour of this divinity! My special composition is a tribute to all the Mothers, maternal angels and all those who are guardians!
I heartily wish a very Happy Mother’s Day to each one who holds the feeling of motherly love in their hearts! It doesn't matter that you give birth to your offspring, adopt a child or play a role of single mother to someone who deeply desires it. What matters the most is the celebration of your maternal feelings and the sweet sense of belongingness to share your happiness and unconditional love. Though May 8th, 2016 marks the charm of this ethereal feeling but this ecstatic bond is just beyond a day, it is indeed forever! :)
The Creator created a Creation – Magical, Marvellous, Majestic and Divine… With heart of a flower and steel made spine...
With warmth as gentle as the drop of dew, With amazing peculiarity, this Creati…