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My First Travel Massive Meet in Stockholm with Vélosophy at Bonne Mécanique

A new city… a voguish bike brand… a cool bike-café hub… and the super cool Travel Massive… “Whoa, that was pretty much to kick my excitement for a breezy evening!” + “a wacky instance” made April 21st , 2016 one of the most memorable dates.

With bells on, I accessorised my mind to indulge into the most awaited event, but as I reached the venue, something hit me! My ears captured some familiarly unfamiliar sounds! What was it...? 

In the first instance, I realised that the session began its proceedings in the Swedish tone! And with a long sigh I wondered, I don’t even stand anywhere next to the “S” of the language! Ha-ha... Yes, I am learning the language... Yes, I keep hearing it around the neighbourhood, in the trams, at the grocery stores, and everywhere across the city... but hey it will take its own sweet time to perfectly hook up into a serious talk!
Had I got any clue about the communicating language, I’d probably have not travelled that far from home. Well, that very moment I just…