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Our Sacred Connection

Amidst the solitude of emotions rests an array of wonderful memories that trigger my lips to smile, and offer a gist of musings – jovial, pleasurable, weird, baffling... Nevertheless, I won’t let the gloominess occupy me for today is a very special occasion, today is the time to unfold the cheerful reminiscences and celebrate in the glory of the preciousness of this delightful day!
This heartfelt composition is dedicated to a very special friend who is dearly missed yet their presence is deeply felt each moment I recall them because it is our sacred connection that reverberates! The chambers of my heart echo with silent hues… In all the labyrinth, amidst the mystical vacuum, There lies a true saviour, a divine elixir known as “Love”... That’s the only element that connects my spirit to you...
The expanse in my eyes holds your portrait... In all the dilemma, amidst the confusing mirage, There lies a true reliever, a universal wonder known as “Faith”... That’s the only element that ties my soul …