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Don’t Give Up Ever...

How often is that you encounter such a piece of art that triggers your psyche to explicate the profound emotions obscured in the pastels of charcoal, graphite and colour! And once your eyes witness the intricate visual, how often does your intellect agree to conceive the creative concept?
Off recently at a friend’s place, I came across such a peculiar series of soul-stirring beauteous illustrations by a Swedish artist, Lotten Serrander, that prompted my neurons to portray the concealed sense. Though in a jiffy, but gratefully I managed to click this conceptual art collection.
Albeit this composition is just a mere attempt to present the artist’s connotation, I personally have no words to salute her acutely overwhelming feelings. She chose the African bird Ostrich to personify her life experiences!
[PS: Dear Lotten, I have never met you but that doesn't matter! Whenever you tend to read this post, kindly accept my heartfelt compassion and gratitude. I just cannot express how much rev…