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My First Rendezvous With Snowfall

As a raining sensation you always seem to be awe-inspiring and magical! Least did I know, as Ice you’d be ecstatically blissful, caressing my delight with the drops of your frozen pearls! 
This small composition is a special expression from my heart that made my senses groove joyfully while my very first intimate tryst with snowfall… :)

The sheen of your softness... The gleam of your colour... The tenderness of your appearance… The dazzle of your glamour… Ushers me to be lost in the calmness of your wilderness!

As water to the thirsty… Twilight to the lovers… Music to the ears… Sunshine to the sunflowers… You embraced my spirit and stimulated my soul… You blessed me with an unforgettable memoir…

You gifted me a dream with your enchanted aura... You captivated me with your milky effervescence that's radiant beyond all...
I’ll dearly ever remember our first rendezvous…