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Doctor Strange Offers 8 Life Lessons For A Great New Year Start

Another master piece from Marvel Comics, Doctor Strange is a perfect superhero fiction that keeps the potential to deliver the message – “reinforce your powers with faith in self.”
The admirers of the movie would definitely agree that Doctor Strange is not just a depiction of superpowers in motion but a galaxy of lucid emotions, wonderful star cast, award winning visual effects and most significantly the awe-inspiring life lessons that I am highly pleased to share in this post. I am a fan of Marvel Studios but this is the first time ever that reflection of my thoughts has been so prolific ever since I watched this flick!
Grab these marvellous life lessons as I map the real world principles with the brilliant reel work of Scott Derrickson (the director) and Benedict Cumberbatch (the pivotal character as Dr. Stephen Strange).
#1. Do Not Lose Focus Of The Present Moment
A single second of defocused attention in the midst of a demanding action can demand heaps of ugly and undesirable moments …