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That Moment of Revelation...

That moment of revelation, bared all the truth, diluted the sweet lies, as the sun melts a frozen brook...
Secrets popped out – astonishing and disconcerting... that rested inside the crevices of our hearts from ages! The lingering of masqueraded affection, that bonded our togetherness in unison once, finally ceased and stepped us apart!
But the unconditional sacred love between the souls can never be ceased! No regret, no guilt, no shame withheld, as the withheld fear got dispelled...
Our emotional calling called us to retain our soul ties... life enlightened us with the wisest insights... “If you love someone, let your emotions incessantly flow... rise in love, enrich yourself and grow!

Inspire Your Soul - Find Your Passion With Maria Stenvinkel

Indeed happiness is the way to a beautiful life… To aspire, dream, believe and stride!
But what brings you “real happiness” is the “real deal”… The real joy that makes you surrender and feel surreal! No, it’s not like a fortune wheel… Fortune can never promise to offer you smiles!
While your smile can surely attract the much needed luck… And cheer you up whimsically making you awestruck!
So what’s the story here, let’s begin… Yes it is necessary to first find your purpose or dream… Something that plumps you up each day with zeal!
Something which you gladly refer as PASSION… Something that always keeps you moving curiously in action! That’s my friend is the reason of your true happiness! :) I love going to insightful events and covering them all! It is always exciting to explore and meet new people who are blessed with the divine energies to inspire the world. 
Dear fellas, this is a special post as I am writing after a number of full moons! With this post, I begin my special blog series “Inspire You…

I Dare To Reserve All Rights To Be Myself!

The flight of time surged a draconian jolt... Months drifted by... with stories untold! My unspawned words withheld my yearning emotions, I endeavoured to scribe but couldn’t splash out my heart’s reverberations! Yes, at times, it happens in the world of words when Poetry ceases to recognize its play... But finally I am grateful for “Today”! My soul is convinced to emerge from “Yesterday”... My words are willing to be scribbled in a dauntless way!
I really feel grateful to that divine power which has made me post this blog after a weirdly erratic interlude! My poetic composition is dedicated to all those brave hearts who recognise and appreciate their dauntless selves. Let us dare to reserve all our rights to dream, love, live, be happy, and cherish to be human! :)
I don’t assume... I dare... I dare to ask... I dare to believe the complete bare truth... I dare to accept the challenges... I dare to know the unknown...
I don’t hide... I dare... I dare to reveal my originality... I dare to tell what you …

Love Poetry For All The Real Lovers - Happy Valentine's 2017

"What is it that makes Love to be peculiarly special in this entire universe?" 
My answer to this universal conundrum relates to another analogy - "What is it that makes Rose an exceptionally unique species in this entire world?"
Is it the incredibly mushy feeling that bewitches all your senses dipped in the romantic breeze and the rosy fragrance?  OR Is it the bare candid encounter that reveals the stark realism of onerous times and the harsh thorns?
Well, it is both! What truly makes anything unique is the combination of all its traits - no matter how pleasant or unpleasant they seem to be!
Here's a special Love poetry on the occasion of Valentine's for all those blessed souls who have tasted the nectar of Real Love... who believe that Real Love has its own sweet idiosyncratic flavours... who know that the journey of Real Love can be full of upheavals but then, at the end, it does lead to the blissful realms! :) Inspired by the beautiful American romantic flick,…

You Are The Real Stars - A Tribute To All The Cancer Survivors

On the occasion of World Cancer Day (February 4th), this special composition is a tribute to all the Cancer survivors world-wide who have met darkness in their story of life; and in that darkness who have discovered their own light... who have discovered that they are the Stars!

My heart deeply salutes you all; As you lead your way to cherish the rainbow after the rainfall... Continue to keep your heads high; You are the real STARS shining brightly in the vast dark sky... Continue to believe 100% in your pursuit; Your spirit is the source of magical strength bearing the success fruit... You are the chosen ones... special and magnanimous; You are the true brave hearts, real heartthrobs and fabulous... You demonstrate the true meaning of perseverance and courage; You are the true champions who know how to win the battle around the edge... You’ve come so far, so bright so strong; Let the drums of your success roll high for long... Let the world know your incredible powers of Phoenix; I salute you once…