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I Dare To Reserve All Rights To Be Myself!

The flight of time surged a draconian jolt... Months drifted by... with stories untold! My unspawned words withheld my yearning emotions, I endeavoured to scribe but couldn’t splash out my heart’s reverberations! Yes, at times, it happens in the world of words when Poetry ceases to recognize its play... But finally I am grateful for “Today”! My soul is convinced to emerge from “Yesterday”... My words are willing to be scribbled in a dauntless way!

I really feel grateful to that divine power which has made me post this blog after a weirdly erratic interlude! My poetic composition is dedicated to all those brave hearts who recognise and appreciate their dauntless selves. Let us dare to reserve all our rights to dream, love, live, be happy, and cherish to be human! :)
I don’t assume... I dare... I dare to ask... I dare to believe the complete bare truth... I dare to accept the challenges... I dare to know the unknown...
I don’t hide... I dare... I dare to reveal my originality... I dare to tell what you …