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That Moment of Revelation...

That moment of revelation, bared all the truth, diluted the sweet lies, as the sun melts a frozen brook...
Secrets popped out – astonishing and disconcerting... that rested inside the crevices of our hearts from ages! The lingering of masqueraded affection, that bonded our togetherness in unison once, finally ceased and stepped us apart!
But the unconditional sacred love between the souls can never be ceased! No regret, no guilt, no shame withheld, as the withheld fear got dispelled...
Our emotional calling called us to retain our soul ties... life enlightened us with the wisest insights... “If you love someone, let your emotions incessantly flow... rise in love, enrich yourself and grow!

Inspire Your Soul - Find Your Passion With Maria Stenvinkel

Indeed happiness is the way to a beautiful life… To aspire, dream, believe and stride!
But what brings you “real happiness” is the “real deal”… The real joy that makes you surrender and feel surreal! No, it’s not like a fortune wheel… Fortune can never promise to offer you smiles!
While your smile can surely attract the much needed luck… And cheer you up whimsically making you awestruck!
So what’s the story here, let’s begin… Yes it is necessary to first find your purpose or dream… Something that plumps you up each day with zeal!
Something which you gladly refer as PASSION… Something that always keeps you moving curiously in action! That’s my friend is the reason of your true happiness! :)

I love going to insightful events and covering them all! It is always exciting to explore and meet new people who are blessed with the divine energies to inspire the world. 

Dear fellas, this is a special post as I am writing after a number of full moons! With this post, I begin my special blog series “Inspire You…