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Celebrate the Spirit of Love - Happy Valentines 2018

"Love" needs no reasons, neither does it need a season but one thing that "Love" truly seeks is the gentle gesture of "Attention" which is an essential foundation withholding the ever flowing fountain of "Love"!
"Valentines" doesn't restrict "Love" to one specific day! It is a beautiful reminder to make that "Special" feeling "Super Special"! It is a Day to pay Tribute to "Love"! It is a Day to re-iterate "I love you" not only to reflect your sincerity towards your loved ones but for your own self! Yes, it is a Day when you just celebrate that divine feeling of compassion that your soul carries! Yes, Valentines is special!

Today's heartfelt composition is especially for the Love of my Life... :) It portrays my curiosity to know how my Lover feels when He thinks of me!
“Think of me” and Tell Me How Do You Feel!
When the dusk quietly snaffles the glory from the dawn... When the stars g…