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Be Mindful with The Mindfulness App - Live Talk Show with Magnus Fridh

A dream, a desire, a wish, an urge, Ripples the chords of my heart in surge… A prayer emerges on my lips, As the Sun rises, as the Sun dips… “Oh Almighty, residing in the core of our spirits, Enlighten us all with joy, be our catalyst… Align our thoughts, words and our deeds, Make us mindful & fulfil our essential needs…!”
Here comes my 3rd post in chronicles of the “Inspire Your Soul” series. :)
This time the guest of our mindfully awesome talk show was Magnus Fridh (one of the Co-founders of The Mindfulness Appand a renowned name in Sweden's spirituality realm).

[PS: These charismatic live talk shows are organised by Moritz, founder at Wolkify).
Wisdom gained in this session was absolutely mind illuminating! And I am truly ecstatic to share it with you... :)
The wonderful session began with an insightful Q-A conversation between Moritz and Magnus.

Motivate Your Energy with Malcolm Larri

Here is the second post of my special blog series “Inspire Your Soul” and I am extremely glad to share the marvellous lessons learnt by “Malcolm Larri”, Founder of
The live talk show was organised by in the last quarter of 2017 with the agenda: “Steps to achieve your goals”.
[PS: Malcolm Larri is Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Certified Workplace Trainer, Speaker & Coach. He also has been a professional musician, business owner and has worked inside companies both large and small on three continents.]

The event began with a zest of energy. As Malcolm started introducing himself, the atmosphere grasped his vibrant vibrations of positive energy! The first thing that caught our attention was his Drum kit – this surged our curiosity levels even more! :)
Malcolm had some interesting charts to display (no, not on Power-Point but hand-made drawings that looked absolutely appealing).
He started presenting the steps with a beautiful anal…