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Align to Your True Self with SAVERS

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful dove… flying high… soaring across the gentle breeze of the sky! Though he loved his flying gig but unlike others in his community, he used to get tired soon! No, he wasn’t old but an indolent creature! He desired for a life of leisure and fun, where he wouldn’t have to hunt for food every day, and could be fed by someone!

One day he sighted a pig farm! His curiosity pulled him closer… as he flew down and perched on a nearby fence to enjoy the view, his eyes spotted a cute little pig resting in the bright sunshine!

And it was that very moment when his heart started blooming with the fragrance of love! “Oh! I am melting with the joy of ecstasy!”, he blushed! “Yay! I guess I’ve found the love of my life!”, he whispered in sheer excitement!
He instantly decided to stay with the pig! All this while the thoughts of his old, boring, exhaustive life faded away. He approached the pig and confessed his love! The pig surprisingly accepted his proposal and the…