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My Journey of Self Realisation and Life Transformational Inner Engineering by Shree Sadhguru

In this post, I am glad to share my journey of self realisation, and my perspective of the life transformational ancient practices of Inner Engineering.
This is my 18th year of Spiritual awakening…! I had always been attracted to the mystical powers of the universe and the metaphysical elements after a big life transforming incident when I was 10. I was fortunate to be gifted second life on Earth! :)
Ever since my consciousness wandered to see the realms of truth, light, wisdom and enlightenment, my curiosity led me to a wonder trip to Goa where I experienced the beauty of my own self! It was 18 years ago that I was touched by the light of my spirit. It was the first time that I stayed away from my family for a stretch of ten long days! This vacation with my school friends was absolutely fun-loving, but there was something beyond fun!
It was the identification of myself more than who I think I was… identification of myself more than my relationships, more than my culture, more than my so…