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Life Lessons by Aquaman

I absolutely adore super heroes and their flicks! This post reflects my admiration as well as the significant life lessons learned by the super awesome AQUAMAN. :)

It is not just a movie but a classic display of grit & grace of the heroism that is not only exhibited by the pivotal character (Arthur) but also by those who help Him realise His true powers and become a Hero!

It is nothing but pure Love that anchors the disposition of the main characters, i.e. Aquaman, his parents, his love interest, and his master! 
I personally admired Jason Momoa for his dramatically intense & macho looks, especially in the moments where he felt his heart touched by Amber Heard’s “ Gossh this girl is awesome” attitude!
Apart from heart warming emotions, humorous punches, thought provoking dialogues, geeky action, popcorn moments of cute romance, and sizzling aquatic cinematography, the flick gives the patrons few beautiful take aways...
1. Whoever you are, wherever you belong to, your existence is b…