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The Bliss of My Spiritual Awakening

Yes, I am changing... so are you! Yes, my choices & preferences are changing!
What disconcerted me yesterday brings peace to me today...! What was impossible yesterday has solved its mystery today!
That’s how Mother Nature is… absolutely mysterious! And in this mystery one can find the real charm to live!
“Nothing ever remains the same”, this is the law of the Cosmos! When one accepts themselves for who they are in the present moment, along with all of their constant changes - mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and financial; that being enters a state of pure acceptance. All the fogginess is removed in this state of acceptance, and then one freely enters in the state of “self realisation” or “self love”!
In this state of “self love”, one acquires the wisdom to accept all that exists in “now”. It is this attention over the present moment that directs the course of one’s evolution in a miraculous way!
I wish to share my composition that reflects my experience of “self realisation”...