My Dearly Lovable Blog, 
The Seed of Joy – JRM’s Oeuvre
Was Born On Tuesday, October 21st, 2014 :)

The magnanimous Energy that sparked desire in me to give life to 
The Seed of Joy 
is an especially revered being with immensely kind soul:
Rahul Prabhakar 
(an esteemed powerhouse of gifted writing; 
a luminary from Delhi’s Food Bloggers Community; and 
an eminent blogger at [When The Muse Strikes!] 
for more than a decade)

Dear Rahul, my blog is a personification of your inspiration. You attached wings to my dreams. My words don’t know a way to thank you more but my soul feels it every moment!

I sincerely convey my heartfelt gratitude for this beautiful lifetime present of making me showcase my perspective out to the entire world. :)

Love & Regards,
Jyotika :)


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